Service Support

A team of trained professionals coordinates with dealers and authorized service centres to ensure that the TAFE Tractors are serviced and maintained, providing a hassle-free experience. A toll-free call center that offers immediate technical assistance is available for the customers.

Through TAFE’s Product Training Centre in India, it offers training on product maintenance, service and helps its dealers to provide better customer satisfaction.

Customer Connect

TAFE offers its customer multiple communication touch points through CSI surveys, direct customer visits, surveys through call centers, 24-hour toll-free assistance & contacts numbers displayed at the service stations and on tractors

Our customers feedback and suggestions are processed and addressed through the proper channels, as TAFE firmly believes it is not just the availability but also the speed of response during crisis that really empowers the customers and aims to maintain leadership standards in customer service.

Customer support at TAFE relates to their most important core value, "Customer Satisfaction".

At TAFE Service, the philosophy lies in "Empowering the customer" from whom the business starts and where it ends. The service teams at the, dealers and service centres continuously strive to empower the customers in multiple ways to become the core driver for our products, policies & services.


In an endeavor to ensure that TAFE products are supported in the field, all tractor spares and parts are made available through its dealers, authorized stockists, distributors and authorized service centres. This effort is supported through a dedicated team to service the parts needs of its customers.

For parts requirements of TAFE branded tractors in your country please contact: corporate@tafe.com

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