65 th Square - TAFE Corporate Brochure

An astute and insightful strategy, proactive and intelligent counters, a series of moves and predetermined goal - the game of chess exemplifies modern day business.

Beyond the black and the white, and the boundaries of 64 squares, a broader landscape unravels. The grand picture and different dimension – The 65th Square.

An all-encompassing arena from the obvious, where it is not solely about winning; but winning by making the world around us win. The place where we play the game-differently; a place alive with exciting opportunities, above and beyond the tried and tested, the standard and the conventional, that which explains the larger purpose of our business.

Played by an innovative mind, driven by the quest of excellence, it defines our lives and ripples out into the world around us. Discover how for over five decades, the 65th square inspires TAFE in its Journey of Cultivating the World.