TAFE looks at the world as its marketplace. Its acquired knowledge-base of diverse agro-climatic zones, crops and cropping practices of over five decades has empowered it to design and develop tractors and aggregates to suit any climatic condition or application in the world. Its product development and styling strengths have been validated by worldwide acceptance of its products and services. TAFE has a presence in over 100 countries, including markets such as the Americas, Eastern Europe, Africa and South Asia.

TAFE sells a range of tractors up to 100 horsepower, under its own brand "TAFE" with its distinctive livery of coral orange and black. The distributors have channels for reaching the tractors to the customers and providing necessary sales and support.

TAFE, armed with six decades of experience in understanding the needs of customers, is uniquely positioned to offer robust, fuel efficient and cost-effective products.