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Tractors UK based in Dorset, South West England are the sole importers of TAFE tractors in UK.The company was established in August 1999 when Managing Director Martin Richards realised that there was a market for a basic low-tech tractor that was dimensionally small and easy to maintain, especially for the smaller farmer.

Tractors UK hold stock of all models on our premises in North Dorset and also have stocking and non-stocking dealers scattered around UK, from Wales in the west to Kent in the east and South from Cornwall to Scotland in the north. Because of their small size we sell a lot of tractors to dairy farmers for use as scraper tractors; some having as many as three in their fleet. The TAFE 35DI Classic is very popular with the hobby farmer as it is reminiscent of the old Fergie 35. Our tractors have been sold to customers in locations as remote as the Hebrides who find it particularly useful that they can service and repair them without the need for expensive diagnostic computers. We have service agents in various parts of the UK, as well as a fully functioning workshop on our own premises.

Tractors UK stock a wide range of spares for all the models of TAFE tractors that we import. We pride ourselves in continuing to expand the range of spare parts that we stock in order to service both older and newer models of TAFE tractors.

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